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Watch this.

(Remember, videos like these that are produced to cover whole topics may include material that isn’t relevant to your own exam at your institution. don’t get hung up on it).

Further Reading.

(Articles and news items related to this topic to put it in context for you).


Practice Questions

(These aren’t mine, but should be useful for you. Do remember that different teachers may use different techniques and different terms).



Possible Written Questions.

(No indication of marks – the more marks a question gets, the more you are expected to write – detail that is, not just words!) If you can’t answer these, you need to do some more reading. I do ‘find’ questions elsewhere, so these aren’t all questions I have used myself.


“This broadly-employed technique, in which businesses ranging from manufacturing and construction to  grocery stores and fast-food brands, arrange for materials and ingredients to arrive as they are needed to avoid the need to stockpile inventory. While it can cut costs, it also leaves business enormously vulnerable to interruptions, from natural disasters to strikes to product shortages.”