Zero Marginal Cost?

Interesting talk about changes to business and society over the next thirty years as the cost of making and distributing things comes down.

The introducer is a little dull, so skip to 4:00 minutes and listen for the definition of marginal cost. That’s where to start.

The author discusses how the ‘internet of things’ (interconnectivity) reduces marginal costs to near zero and how this will change business completely, very soon.

Using the ‘collaborative commons’ to eliminate the middle men in much the same way that the internet has been used to eliminate the record companies and seems to be doing the same to publishing.

Particularly interesting about the elimination of staff around 28:00 – and not just labour, but the ‘knowledge workers’ too – that’s me and you.

Also very interesting on logistics around 46:00, the most inefficient part of the value chain.

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Jonathan is an accountant who specialises in Mangement Accounting, the running of a business. He works with and entrepreneurs to help them increase income and reduce costs.
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